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Capter 1 Name and Office

Article 1
This association shall be called Akita America-Japan Society.
(Abbreviation:Akita AJS).
Article 2
The office of this association shall be place in Akita City.

Chapter 2 Objectives and Works

Article 3
The objectives of this association are to deepen the mutual understanding between the Japanese People and the American people and to enhance the mutual friendship throgh cultural and ennomic exchange.
Article 4
In oder to accomplish its purpose,this association shall the following works.
1.Open a meeting of opinion exchange when distinguished persons visit Akita.
2.Enhance the mutual friendship between Japan and America by cooperating with organizations having the same objectives.
3.Enlighten the members by studying and America.
4.Welcome various American organization when they visit Akita3

Chapter 3 Membership

Article 5
The members of this association shall, in principle,be either Japanese or American citizens.
Article 6
Application to membership can be done at any time.Admission shall be approved by the board of directors.
Article 7
The membership of this association is classified into the following two categories.
1.Individual membership
2.Cooperate membership(inclusive of groups)
Article 8
This association dose not refuse withdrawal from the membership for those who with to withdraw or those who have not paid membership fee for more than two years.However,the withdrawal must be approved by board of directors.

Chapter 4 Board of Directors

Article 9
This association shall have the board of directors consisting of the following members.
1.No more than twenty board members and two auditors.
2.One president,no more than five vice-presidents,one managing director,and one office manager shall be elected by mutual vote in the board of directors.
Artcle 10
The board of directors and auditors shall be determined by the general meeting.The term shall be two years,but reappointment is not impeded.
The President shall call the general meeting and the board meeting and also presides at these meetings.If the president is unable to attend the meeting,the senior vice president shall preside at the meeting on behalf of the president.
The decision of the board meeting shall be determined by majority of the attendees(inclusive of letters of attorney).

Chapter 5 Honorary Presidents and Counselors

Article 13
Honorary presidents and counselors may be nominated.They shall be selected by the decision of the general meeting.

Chapter 6 General Meeting

Article 14
This association holds an annual general meeting once a year.It may hold extra general meetings by the request of Board meeting.
Article 15
The decision in the general meeting shall be determined by majority of the attendees(inclusive of letters of attorney).

Chapter 7 Accounting

Article 16
The revenue of this association shall depend on the followings:
1.Annual membership fees of the members
2.Donation from members and other persons
Article 17
The fisical year of this association shall begin on April 1 and end on march 31 of the following year.The membership fees,however,must be paid by the end of September.
Article 18
The board of directors must settle accounts prior to the general meeting,and it must be approved at the general meeting.

Chapter 8 Addendum

Article 19
Membership fee shall be more than one unit for individual membership and more than two units for cooperative membership where one unit corresponds to 5,000yen.
Article 20
These articles shall be effective on the day of foundation general meeting (August 4,2003)

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